VIPie Club Terms and Conditions

By registering as a VIPie Club Member, you consent to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. The VIPie Club card is only valid for use in Australia.

REGISTRATION – what to do first?


1.      To earn VIPie points, you must first collect a VIPie Club card from any Australian Jesters store and activate it with a purchase. Points will be transferred onto your VIPie card after each transaction.

2.      To enjoy the benefits of the VIPie program, you are required to register your card online at and provide us with a valid email address and complete all required fields. You can also choose to complete the paper registration form in-store which is attached to your new VIPie Club card. 

3.      Only one VIPie Club card and account is permitted per person. Each member is only permitted to have one VIPie membership which will be allocated to one nominated email address when the member registers. Each email address may only be used for a single membership.

4.      While every effort will be made in store to ensure points are correctly awarded, Jesters takes no responsibility for errors associated with crediting VIPie points onto members VIPie Club cards.

5.      The VIPie Club card holder is responsible for ensuring that their details are correct at all times.


THE FREEBIES – what are the VIPie Club benefits?


1.     Once the VIPie Club card has been registered online, members will automatically be allocated one (1) free regular hot beverage and a ‘buy one pie, get one pie free’ offer, these two offers will not expire and do not need to be redeemed within a certain time period.

2.     Every time you purchase your tenth (10) pie – in any one or many transactions at any participating Jesters store, you are entitled to one (1) free pie i.e the eleventh (11) pie is free. Every time you purchase your seventh (7) hot beverage – in any one or many transactions - at any participating Jesters store, you are entitled to one (1) free regular sized hot beverage i.e the eighth (8) beverage is free. You will, however, have to present your VIPie Club card each time you purchase your free pie or hot beverage or claim your free pie or hot beverage in order for each transaction to be recorded. 

3.     VIPie points will not be accredited to any free pie or hot beverage. Your entitlement to the free pie or hot beverage cannot be exchanged for another product, neither can it be redeemed for cash.

4.     VIPie Club members are entitled to one (1) free pie and one (1) free Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut on your birthday. An email reminder will be sent to the email address of the member on their nominated birth date (if an email address has been provided). Upon presentation of the VIPie card instore, the free pie and Original Glazed Krispy Kreme will be available to redeem. The free Birthday pie and Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut points will expire 31 days from the date of issue. If the free pie and Original Glazed Krispy Kreme is not redeemed in the time frame, this is automatically removed from the members account. The free Birthday pie and Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Jesters does not take responsibility for incorrectly entered birth dates during the registration process. 



MY CARD IS LOST – what next?


1.     In the case of a lost or stolen VIPie card, email or call (08) 9309 2200 and provide us with your registered email address or name and date of birth. Another VIPie Club card with transferred points will be posted out to you. Jesters accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or destruction of your VIPie club card. 

2.     Every effort will be made to ensure that any VIPie Points on the lost or stolen card are transferred to the new card, however Jesters will not be held responsible for any VIPie points accrued that are lost in the transfer.

3.     Jesters reserves the right to refuse use of a VIPie Club card on suspicion of unauthorised, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use. Where this occurs, the account and card will be cancelled and any VIPie points will be lost.

4.     Jesters staff reserve the right to request photo identification in the form of a valid Driver's License or Proof of Age Card to ensure the VIPie card belongs to nominated Card holder.

5.     No fees are charged by Jesters for the issue, registration, activation or use of the VIPie Club card program.


THE FINE PRINT – what you can expect from us


1.     Jesters reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by notifying you by email, or by changing the terms and conditions on our website.

2.     Jesters reserves the right to communicate with its members, who have opted in to receive marketing material, to inform them of any upcoming marketing activities/promotions and/or offers.

3.     Jesters will not sell, distribute or disclose members’ details to any third party without your written consent.

4.     Unless otherwise required by law or permitted by this agreement, VIPie points are non-refundable and will not be redeemed for cash nor will cash change be given if not all VIPie points are redeemed in one transaction. No interest or any other earnings on funds deposited to a VIPie Club card will accrue, be paid or be credited to you by Jesters.

5.     VIPie Club cards and their benefits are not transferrable or refundable. Your VIPie Club card should be treated like cash and any points on your card are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash.

6.     Reproduction of VIPie Club cards in any form is strictly prohibited. Jesters reserve the right not to accept a VIPie Club card if we reasonably consider that the use is unauthorised, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.

7.     Jesters reserves all right on any final decision and terminate a membership if a member fails to comply with these terms and conditions or misuses the membership privileges.


Updated by Jesters Franchising Head Office on 5/7/18.